“VICTOR”, with a brand name originated from the word “victory”, over the decades has carried a rich number of raw badminton talents to proud champions. What remains the same is the humble philosophy “integrity, diligence, performance and excellence,” set by founder Mr. Chen Den-Li, which leads the staff to constantly push the limits in pursue of producing the best badminton equipment for the world.

Over the past 50 years, VICTOR has grown from a small shuttlecock-making factory to a house-hold badminton brand, creating huge market success ranging from rackets, courts, apparel, footwear, and accessories. Now one of the sport’s leading names, VICTOR sells an impressive 36-million shuttlecocks annually which go up to the height 400 times as high as Mount Everest. VICTOR offers an original universe for a wide range of badminton sporting goods at the forefront of technology. The establishment of “Advanced Product Research & Development Department”

nspires a never-ending stream of powerful innovations that make badminton stronger and faster. Meanwhile, touches of traditional craftsmanship can also be found in the very details in VICTOR products. For the production of one piece of VICTOR MASTER ACE shuttlecock, it needs 97 days, 218 procedures, and elimination of 31,984 feathers to actually complete. VICTOR products have not only been backed and loved by generations of legendary athletes, but also received multiple approvals from the governing bodies of the sport, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and the Badminton Asia Confederation (BAC), and some of the most prestigious awards, including Golden Pin Design Award and Taiwan Excellence Award, recognizing their excellent designs and commitment to quality.

Brand Mentality|

VICTOR is running “READY TO WIN” since 2012, a long-term brand advertising campaign, recognizing athletes who stand out with champion quality inside-out with not just techniques and performance that put them on top of the badminton world, but a mindset that embraces the thrill of new challenges and strives to work harder and harder for victories.

The “READY TO WIN” concept provides more than just a brand mentality that supports the company in the half-century history and its players; it is also a motto that goes beyond the boundaries of sports, countries, and faiths.

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Since the early 1990s, VICTOR has been offering continuous support for world-class professional badminton players. From its early team-up with Taipei star Fung Permadi, Chinese player Chen Hong, Malaysian doubles legends Choong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah and Dutch champion Eric Pang and more, VICTOR has been winning major titles every year since.

VICTOR became an exclusive partner with the Korean National Team in 2009 and brought yet another string of feats from the team, including a victory at Uber Cup 2010 and runner-up finishes at Sudirman Cup 2009 & 2013 and Thomas Cup 2012, as well as gold medals at the Olympics and Asian Games. The Malaysian National Team signed with VICTOR starting in 2015, making VICTOR the official equipment of the team and BAM major tournaments. Olympic champion/World Champion Liliyana Natsir/Tontowi Ahmad, Commonwealth Games gold medalist Tan Wee Kiong/Goh V Shem, and BWF Superseries Finals winner Tai Tzu Ying were all creating their career moments using VICTOR products.


VICTOR’s ultimate mission is making badminton a universal sport, by dedication to initiating not just professional but amateur tournaments, badminton clinics, and social cause events. VICTOR is now an organizer of the biggest amateur event in China, which boasts 1500 teams, over 12000 contestants from across the country, with total prize equivalence exceeding RMB 3 million. In Taiwan, the “Exchange for a Cause” campaign evokes an echo in which people donate their rackets in exchange for new VICTOR strings. The collected rackets will be given to suburban or tribal school children by “coach bikers” who host free lessons to the kids as well on how to shuttle.

In 2014, VICTOR announced a milestone partnership with the Badminton Asia Confederation (BAC). Except for an exclusive responsibility to provide its high quality shuttlecocks, courts and equipment in the top regional events in Asia, VICTOR would also take up the role as the lead sponsor of the BAC’s Asian Development Programme, sharing BAC’s vision in promoting badminton in all around Asia.


VICTOR redefined badminton by showing its fun side partnering The Walt Disney Company in 2013 for the “Iron Man 3” limited series, and Hasbro the next year for the “Transformers 4” collection, appealing to a wider generation of fans.

VICTOR was the first badminton brand to ever team up with a Superhero figure in conjunction with a racket release in the Iron Man 3 project. A creative launching event was held at a cinema along with the premiere of the Iron Man 3 movie in Taipei. It also marked VICTOR’s first co-branding attempt of any kind.

In 2013, VICTOR, as a Taiwan based international brand, formalized its partnership with the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, contributing to the optimum preparation of Chinese Taipei athletes in multi-sport events in a diversity of indoor sports. VICTOR also joined the Deaflympics Taipei 2009 as an official sponsor.